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Silver Lake History

According to local authors and historical archives, Silver Lake has a long and interesting history.   At the turn of the last century, Nathan Kaufman built a grand fishing and hunting lodge on the north shore of the lake.  Kaufman, a prominent local banker and businessman was also the mayor of Marquette from 1893-1894. Around the camp's large porch was a charming garden and lawn.  There was a horse barn, boat house and a handful of smaller cabins and outbuildings.  The owners engineered a clever pipe from the base of the waterfall/spring that spanned about a mile under the lake to provide water to the buildings. Mr. Kaufman stopped using the camp around 1924.  The abandoned buildings eventually deteriorated and were taken back by the forest. To this day one can still see the remains of the pin cherry and apple orchard as well as large stacks of rock that had been cleared for planting.  What appears to be an old root cellar has also been found.